Teen Boy’s Loft

Last week I gave you a tour of our son’s bedroom and got a lovely response to it!  Thanks everyone!

This week I will show you the loft portion of the room.

Up, up we go!

Trying to get to the secret door…

You can see it’s kind of an adventure just getting up here (especially with a camera), but I think that’s half the fun for a boy!  Anything that scares the mother is usually a go with them.

Getting to the landing…

Once you make it up, you enter the boy cave.  Here it is under construction.

The ceiling is high enough for me to stand in the middle and I’m 5’7″.  Again, just like his room, there are a lot of planes and angles which makes it a kind of interesting place to be.

Yes.  That is a fairly intense shade of blue called Blueberry going on the walls.

Yes.  I did tell him he could pick his colors.

Just to warn you, there are no fancy vignettes here, or PB copycat crafts, just plain old pillows and toys and basic, plastic toy storage, and games, and a TV and other assorted necessary items for a 12 year old boy.

However, much popcorn was swept up before the taking of these pictures!!

The floor ended up being two different levels, which has proved helpful for all kinds of games.  Or jumping cars.

Up in the back corner is the little seating area.  We got him this chair and footstool for Christmas and the Ikea cushions (green and orange) are great for company!

Have I mentioned how difficult it is to photograph a loft that is painted Blueberry?  It’s not easy.

The quilt was his great-grandma’s and he has all of his essentials nearby.

Football, wooden whistle, Nerf gun to take out whoever might be coming up the ladder.

The framed pictures were a JRR Tolkien calendar that I had years ago.  I picked out my favorites and my mom had them matted and framed.  I moved them around with me for a long time when I was going to university, and now they live in Sam’s loft.  They are from some of his favorite books.  Mine too.

This is the view from the chair.

And from the top looking down to the shelf above the door.

And then the just-totally-keeping-it-real picture of what the room actually looks like today from the perch on the top of the ladder.  Some of you made comments about how neat it was for the tour.


That might be why the house tour pictures are taking so long!

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